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Wikileaks faces DDoS for Trapwire leak

It seems as if Wikileaks got many enemies on the internet. The most recent
attempt to unveil Trapwire (a surveillance network in the USA) brought a mass
of attack attempts to the Wikileaks homepage. A anonymous group called
“Antileaks” already took responsibility for this hack attempt which may be…

linked to the recent try to give Assange Asylum in Ecuador to avoid his deportation to the USA where he is accused for treason. In the USA Assange may face torture and a long jail punishment. It’s not unlikely that he may face even death there.

About Trapwire, it is known that Trapwire is a new CCTV network with face recognition spread all over the USA allowing the countrywide automated surveillance of persons and give alert upon a positive alert. Even without court order, US soldiers may ground people upon sole computer alert.

This is a real doubtful development as you may run risk of being grounded innocently. As there are many tales about U.S. torture methods (waterboarding, hour-long audits) there is only one question to ask. What is the USA about to plan? And what about all this inhumane actions the USA is actally taking

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