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Diablo III: New game design flaw

It seems as if the problems around Diablo III still won’t stop. Today another
god mode bug, this time for the wizard has hit Blizzard very hard. Rumors
about a wanted advantage for a small amount of the gamers do the round.
All those, who play the game the honest way, are angry and annoyed.

And who can blame them? Act 2 Inferno and certain champion groups (Molten, Arcane, Plagued, Fast, Jailer) do so much damage and kill you with ease if you don’t have the corresponding equipment, which usually drops in Act 4 Inferno with a drop chance of apprx 12%. Mostly these items are useless as they have stats which do not fit to the class the item is usually designed for. An example would be: Demon hunter weapon with Strength, Intelligence and maybe additional Fury (Barbarian).

So while honest players freak out in Blizzard’s Forums right now, users of the bug see the upcoming hotfix with a big smile as their opportunity to rule the game and auction house now get more manifested.

It’s really sad to see that Blizzard wrecks the game more and more. An easier way would be to help the troubled regular players which make a big part of the whole community. But no, they still give more advantage to these who cheat.

I am also a regular Diablo 3 gamer who has a relatively good equip but yet it is not enough to stand all the mobs a chance in Act 2 Inferno and up. So right now I am just farming gold in order to probably purchase some items in the auction house. However with the today’s exploit and the announced hotfix, prices in the AH will again spike thru the roof.

Here’s one of the many proof-videos:
[flv width=”640″ height=”382″][/flv]

UPDATE: July, 24th 2012 – 23:12

It seems as if the glitch has finally been hotfixed. Many gamers have reported, that the trick doesn’t work anymore. Now Blizzard should check on some other glitches that seem to be active. Although they’re not of godmode nature, they still allow some advantages against regular players.

With patch 1.0.4 there should be some significant updates. Yet I doubt that the common gamer community will finally be able to play Act 2 and later in inferno with a bit less hassle…

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