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The iPhone – a weapon?

The iPhone – base for many gadget ideas, enhanced by Apps that utilize
the integrated peripherals such as the flashLED and the vibration motor
in other ways than intended. There’s almost nothing which hasn’t been
tried with the iPhone. But a taser? With the power of 630.000 volts?

Yes even THIS is possible if you canbelieve the following Article at gizmowatch. Interesting fact is that the taser hull for the iPhone is pricetagged for $85 which seems a real bargain as the hull can  also provide an extra 20 hours standby time. However I wonder why it’s only 20 hours because the standard 1450mAh battery pack of the iPhone 4S allows a standby time of roughly 400 hours. So it’s assumable that the batery pack only comes with roughly 80mAh? That would be rather small and nostly not sufficient to charge a taser to fire out a 630.000 volts electroshock.

The project itself is a starterupper and still waiting for a total funding of 100.000 US$. So far, 19.000 US$ have been collected yet.

The only hook: In most countries, this gadget might not be available as it counts as a weapon and thus is subject to laws that forbid possession of such!

here’s a promotional video also:

What will we see next? The iPone that is able to fire a gun/rocket launcher to repel unwanted visitors? Nobody knows but there’s lots of room for thoughts, ideas and creations of such!

In the wrong hands it still may become a deadly weapon and I wonder how long it would take until this “gadget” is again off the markets as it endangers people’s lives due to severe misuse.

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