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Test: Microsoft Touch Mouse

Another hardware test. Believe it or not but I recently have acquired a
Microsoft hardware and want to compare it against the primus Logitech
who brings in the TouchMouse M600. What makes me test the Microsoft
rodent anyways? I thought, why not check out Microsoft hardware.

So what do you get for a MSRP of 80 USD (street price varies between 50 and 90 USD atm – got mine in a bargain-situation for 40 CHF(!) )?

Read the test of the Logitech Touch mouse here: Click me!

The package itself looks solid, heavy and well-designed for a mouse. Not a bulky display blister package, no, a Hard-covered carton packaged nicely designed:

Don’t get too irritated of the “Exclusively for Windows 7” logo.

simple but yet optically alluring. The mouse is already taken out!

Microsoft did all to make that mouse as easy to operate at once as drinking water. Simply put in the two included Alkaline batteries (rechargeable batteries may work as well! – Inserted 2 Eneloop AA’s), plug in the USB dongle and Windows 7 is already checking the web for the most-actual driver for the mouse. Works like a charm in my case. The reason why it says “Exclusively for Windows 7” may be the fact that many of the gestures you’ll learn in the automatically-opening demo program after installation are accessing Windows-7-only features such as placing windows on the left/right half of the desktop and the window switcher. Other commands (such as minimizing/restoring one/all windows) may also be available under Vista and XP, too.

So let’s have a sneak peek on the rodent:

Small gliders. Almost as small as from the Magic mouse from Apple…

Having a black top cover, the lower side of the mouse is all glossy white. Disturbing yet elegant. the rectangle hole holds the nano receiver. Small, a tad smaller as the one from Logitech btw.

The mouse seems well-crafted for mid-sized hands. the height compared to the Logitech Touch mouse has been better selected as may hand can rest on the rodent and operate the “Buttons” very well. The matte surface gives it another comfy touch and haptics. But it’s gusto that decides which product is better. The Logitech Mouse yet seems better-crafted as the gaps between the housing parts are ways smaller.

Well-selected size.

Nice matte top finish! Charming for the palm!

Operates with one or two AA-size batteries.
No matter if it’s Rechargeables or plain Alkalines.
Microsoft relies on Duracell. Still one of the best batteries money can buy.

No surprise here. The system seems same as from Logitech. Put in one battery and the blue LED starts lighting up probably indicating operational status.

As it wanted to say: Operate me!

The IntelliPoint software is as it was for years. nothing special and reduced to the minimum. But okay, it dies it’s Job well.

So how’s the verdict for the Microsoft Touch mouse:

Features:Impressive that Microsoft also employs touch gestures to it’s hardware. The Microsoft Touch mouse even outwits it’s competitor, the Logitech M600 supporting currently only scroll and navigation gestures. from one finger. Multifinger gestures aren’t recognized from the Logitech mouse as far as I know. maybe another SetPoint release may add these features, too.
1:0 for Microsoft.

Haptics and tactileness: The mouse comes with a rough surface with good gliding abilities. I like it bit better than the squeaky gleaming surface of the Logitech M600 however the gliding abilities of the Logitech mouse ani’t worse though. Last but not least it’s one’s gusto that pins out this point.
PAR for both manufacturers.

Durability: It seems as if the Logitech mouse is more solid built than the Microsoft mouse. the gaps between the housing parts are much smaller and almost not visible. The battery lid of the microsoft mouse also looks a bit more fragile than the Logitech one. The compartment where you hide the nano receiver is hidden behind the lid on the logitech mouse. the Microsoft mouse does not have this and when the compartment gets worn out, you may run risk of loosing the nano receiver in total!
1:0 for Logitech.

Operation time: I can’t do a verdict here as both mice are still at their full capacity. And speaking of that: I have the m600 at work using it 8 hrs a day at minimum. This now for one month equaling 20 days. The indicator still says: Full! So let’s see what the Microsoft mouse will have to offer leter. Will do an update here then.
(not measurable atm).

Ergonomic aspects: The logitech mouse appears a tad too flat for my opinion. and with my ring finger standing over the upper side of th rodent when my palm rests on the mouse, it makes me have sort of crippled holding. The Microsoft mouse is a tad larger and seems more ergonomical. Also the height of the Microsoft mouse is a tad higher, adding extra ergonomity to it. The weight differs a bit and so it doesn’t wonder that the Microsoft mouse is a tad heavier than the Logitech mouse. The Microsoft mouse weighs 80 grams without batteries. Logitech doesn’t provide any information about this so I have to weigh it out manually…
1:0 for Microsoft

Universal usage: Okay, how does that mouse deal it universal usage? The Unifying technology of Logitech is still unmatched. pair up to six devices to one nano receiver and you’re fine to go. Excellent. The Microsoft mouse needs to be installed to it’s corresponding receiver. I didn’t find any manual pairing button so far and I don’t habe multiple Microsoft devices to test interoperability so far. Yet I think, the configuration utility is a tad better as of Microsoft. So this point goes with a hairlined thickness to Logitech.
1:0 for Logitech

Final verdict:

For what I have seen now, both manufacturers deliver a solid product and while Microsoft has not given THAT much on ergonomity in the last years, the recent products also charm with your hand. I must admit: I am positively surprised,  what Microsoft has brought out. And Microsoft bites bac at Logitech putting the mouse on market at a 20 USD lower MSRP. This is indeed a slap into Logitech’s face. But that’s the markets. I can’t favor a product right now as both products are damn good and have both their disadvantages and advantages.
Personally, the Logitech product convinces me a tad more yet. Although I like the multiple gestures support, Microsoft adds to it’s product. maybe we will see another SetPoint update and Logitech adds more gestures to it. Pricelike the Microsoft product is the unbeaten winner, qualitiylike it’s still Logitech that makes the difference. The Microsoft mouse comes with a one-year-warranty where Logitech offers three years on their mouse.

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