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The upcoming iOS6

When it comes to a new iOS version, there’s also a new iDevice on the roll.
In this case, the update could introduce the new iPhone as well. Or maybe
the AppleTV? No one knows for sure but what’s great for those waiting for
the newest iGadgets, can also be great news for those with actual iDevices.

So what’s it all about iOS 6? What is it’s main benefits?

First: For those who seek for a free Navigation software for the iDevices, they will probably get it. The cooperation between TomTom and Apple using own map material has been intensed. The result will be a flyover view in some cities and a turn-based navigation system wherever there’s cell network/WLAN signal and your iDevice being connected to the ‘net.

Flyover-view over Copenhagen

If it’ll work as good as the usual apps like TomTom or Navigon has to be prooven first. But it sounds interesting tho! The result would be an always-up-to-date navigation system in your pocket. This ain’t good news for the manufacturers of classical navigation systems as you know them from Garmin and Co.

Looks great, feels great? One will see… maybe soon!

The question is also, for whom this turn-based-navigation may be initially available. Remember Siri when it had it’s debute on the iPhone 4S? Some functions, presented on the WWDC in 2011 have been only available to U.S. people as the services were only completed in the U.S.A. – People of other countries still wait for the opportunity to whisper “Show me dining spots in my surounding”  to Siri, which is then showing a comprehensive map to the user pinpointing all requested POIs.

A matter of privacy

There have been big rumors about Apps, accessing data in your account (Contacts, Calendar and the like) without your notice. Apple seems to have taken care of this and inserted the possibility to control the App’s access policy. So if you forbid Facebook (for example) to access your contacts list then it won’t be able to do so anymore. My personal opinion: Too late for those who are using facebook on their actual iDevices. Facebook&Co. have already sync’d your private data…

Already bored of the AppStore? Here’s the refurbish…

When it comes to social media, you’ll be able to tell your friends now whether you like an App or not. The new refurbish of the AppStore brings exactly this control at your hand.
Good or not? Who knows. But maybe embarassing when one of your foes get your iDevice, downloading a rather strange/useless App and make it favorized by you…

The common App selection view. Looks cleaner now…

Sharing, that’s something you’d been facing in the past time for many things. Your location, your thoughts, pictures… now Apple offers you to do this with your pictures. Fortunately this feature is not only limited to iDevices. Other users get a link to view your shared pictures in the browser anyway. I wonder where all these pictures get then… maybe on your iCloud? Maybe you wanna buy some more space on the iCloud as all your shared streams (pictures) tend to clog your iCloud storage very soon. If we consider an 8MP picture taken with the iPhone 4S averaging 2MB…

Shared stream? Oh… now we get it: Share your pics over the network.

Okay, not to be THAT sarcastic but I guess I’ve seen such functionality earlier before? What Apple has mostly limited to the home network has been initially publicized by Samsung for all their devices and users of Samsung devices. However it hasn’t been such a cool feature there anyway. So why mention it. Finally when Apple releases it with their iOS, it gotta be cool. Sorry for my sarcasm but this feature has been reprised as breandnew although other manufacturers have already used such features on their device palette.

Commenting seems to be possible also. Facebook à la Apple?

Although this feature seems nice, you’d better check thrice what you’re streaming… just in case you have taken sort of disturbing pics of your girlfriend… she’d not be very happy to see private pics of her flashing up on your foe’s iDevice also…

Good or not? The new “Paste into” selection screen.

What has been a simple dialog with some buttons for copy&Paste is now replaced by a “Select what you want to do with your clipboard content”-Screen. Sure, looks great but also will need more ressources. Hopefully it won’t eat up too much speed from the CPU as we shall remind that iOS 6 will be also enrolled on the 3GS…

Already possible with some train operators… now on airlines, too?

A cool feature which would be more perfect if used together with NFC: The automated boarding pass checkup on airlines. No longer long lines at the gate. Your iPhone does it all for you and best of it: You’re on less chance loosing your boarding pass! (Believe me, THIS can be a real nuisance!). And the information about gate change comes right with an alert, too. No more missing the plane as it takes off from another gate. But can it comply with the Homeland Security Act? I guess THAT’s one heck of a barrier which has to be solved though!

Definitely most-wanted: Time-based “Do not disturb!”

A feature, Nokia-phones had in them since the legendary Communicator series. Deny phone calls at a certain time. With additional programs, the caller could be notified why the call has been denied. Finally the iPhone gets this feature also. Way to go, Apple!

A new feature?

Possibly this has been a bit refined but not a new feature in common. Watch the messages you receive in your notification center. The new iOS allows to customize whether all incoming messages are displayed or only such of your contacts. No more missing of important messages anyway. But fortunately, there’s not much spam around the SMS world (probably due to the high costs…)

Text-Editing made easier. A new “Insert”-menu

Sometimes a real hassle when it comes to insertion of media such as photos or videos into messages. Even here, Apple has done some overhaul. Not significant tho but nice to see, that Apple is still trying to improve their already-good message creation concept.

Also a feature that’s been seen on Nokia phones long time ago: Templates.

Finally you can save templates to instantly create Messages where you only insert the recpient and probably some other text elements. However nothing much nearer is known how the templates work. But definitiely there’s much potential in the iPhones and in common, most iGadgets.

Finally one can say, the iOS6-Update will bring some nice additions. for those, who use foreign chars, like the german symbols (ä,ö,ü) they’re back to the keyboard without any extra key touch. However the keys seem to be smaller now as there have 11 keys to fit on the 640(320) pixels (10 it is right now…). But this will be another change. Once again!

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