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SanDisk announces microSDHC U1

Once more SanDisk is about to set a milestone when it comes to memory
card technology. Today, Sandisk has announced that the first microSDHC
U1 cards for high-end mobile devices are ready to be published. At a read
speed of 90 MB/s and a write speed of approx 80MB/s they’re really fast!

Sandisk intends to feed those highspeed devices which allow high quality recording on very limited space. Where the standard SD cards do not fit in anymore, these cards shall close the gap in between.

However the maximum capacity is “only” 16GB where the other cards come in various flavors.

So this is the current lineup of SDHC cards currently available to the customers:

Capacities 1,2,4,6,8,16,32GB 64GB (128GB?) 8 and 16GB
Write speed** up to 12MB/s up to 30MB/s up to 80MB/s
Read speed** up to 20MB/s up to 45MB/s up to 90MB/s
Prices*** 9 to 30 USD (typical) approx. 80 USD 60 and 100 USD

* may be subject to change or slightly different
** Depending on file size, capability of cardreader and used connector (over 30 MB/s only with USB3.0)
*** prices I could find at the publishing date of this article

The reason why the ultra high speed cards don’t come in greater sizes is that SanDisk could not reach higher speeds with greater memory sizes. So it will take some time until the memory manufacturing process is refined.

So if you’re looking for capacity, the mobile ultra cards may be your choice, as the maximum capacity is 64GB at the moment and 128GB seems in near reach.

If price is an important factor for you, you’re good to go with the “classic” microSDHC cards which offer the most for the buck!

If speed is your aim, then you should fork out a lot of bucks and keep the “limited” size in mind and take a look at the new Extreme Pro microSDHC card.

Even though their first attempt to hit the SSD market was not as lucky as intended, SanDisk still has good memory card products. the oldest card in my repository is now 8 ears old, has a capacity of WHOAAAA, 256(!) MB, and still beats the 10MB speed tag. That’s reliability for me.

If you find some sort of sarcasm in the capacity tag, keep it! ;)

It’s good to see that SanDisk once more seems to know how to best serve the market and offers a wide range of memory cards for your needs.

Way to go, SanDisk.

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