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Microsoft shows ultra-fast touchscreen

Itseems as if Microsoft is also experimentig with new touchscreen techniques.
While most touchscreen devices act a bit sluggish (rubberband-effect), the new
prototype of Microsoft’s touchscreen does not show such extreme behaviour.
It’s impressive, how responsive the display acts upon different finger touches.

However I wonder if Apple doesn’t have such techniques already impetto and ready-to-be-released. Isay that because the Apple iPhone touchscreen already is very responsive and acts very fast upon touches. I think, the 100 and 50ms examples are made from tablets with very old hardware that’s used by third-party vendors to produce low-cost tablets.

The question is if the low-latency may grip if there’s multi-point gestures involved, which means that different areas are accessed within the same timeframe, for example that 4 fingers are simultaneously accessing the touchscreen’s area. The examples only show a one-finger-demo…

Have a look at what Microsoft has already figured out (i don’t dare to say “have invented” as other companies might already have such techniques already in their agenda as well!!):

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