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Iceland about to neglect the Euro?

The Euro doesn’t have a chance to rest and get back it’s glory. Just now when
the economic crisis has taken down most of the icelandic finance sector, it
seems as if Iceland could need a new currency. But which one? The Euro could
be such one however Iceland seems to head for the canadian dollar…

But why is the Euro so “hated”? It seems as if the icelandic people don’t want to adapt EU rights. Who could possibly want a rights system that doesn’t leave much room for own democratic decisions and plans. The EU rights mostly are decided in Brussels and the respective country has more or less to adapt them. Another fact is that Iceland is rather small when compared to the other EU members. So Iceland could loose a lot of decision power!

And still has the Iceland government requested for a membership in 2009. However the Euro crisis has drawn much of the initial euphory to be part of the EU.

What also speaks for the canadian dollar, is the geographic location near to Canada. The canadion Dollar is, despite the global financial crisis very good situated. So why not the american Dollar that’s still the world currency #1?

It seems as if the american Dollar also suffers from bad reputation of the actual ongoing financial crisis. And to be honest: America with a total debt of 15 trillion Dollars. This is not a very attractive advertisement.

So whatever will happen. It’s going to be an interesting development in Iceland. Let’s see which currency will probably make it.

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