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No Two-Strikes-Rules at german ISPs!

It seems as if german internet users still don’t have to fear a two strikes rule as
it is already applied in France or Great Britain. German ISPs don’t want to spy
on their users and inform them about copyright infringement. This seems to be
a severe Drawback for ACTA. Especially 1&1 as the biggest ISP is against it!

1&1 says that they don’t want to spy on the users as the content lobby already has instruments to warn and confine users that violate copyrights. They also say it’s just a method from the copyright holders to lower their costs as direct legal actions against copyright infringing persons seem to be too expensive for them.

So what will be next from the content industry? As this attempt to control the Internet and it’s content has failed, it’s only a matter of time until the content industry takes another attempt to cut the freedom of internet users.

1&1 has also stated that this role model would defeat the ISPs neutral role as stated in the eCommerce-Guide and telemedia law.

The ISPs have also denied to accept a stripped-down version to these rules. So by now it seems that the german Internet users are not so easy to catch.

So how will this affect other countries and ISPs lately? Will they also deny to accept a big base of ACTA? What will the content lobby do to force their interests?

Questions over questions! But one thing is for sure – the last word about ACTA and SOPA isn’t spoken yet!

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