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Newsflash: Diablo III finally announced!

This is great news, I just received from Rosiv! Blizzard has now announced the
official Release date and time for Diablo III: It’s May 15th, 2012 at 12:00 PST
European gamers can start at 21:00 local time. It also seems that swiss gamers/
customers can now also benefit from the annual WoW pass giveAway!

When Rosiv (thanks, mate!) told me via E-Mail that the announce date is now committed, I cold not resist making an own blog entry for this as Diablo III is by far one of the most wanted and expected games for 2012. When the GiveAway promo started, WoW gamers could gather a free Diablo III copy when enhancing their play time by 1 year. The account management thus offered an additional option in the account management page. However Gamers in Switzerland were locked out as their account page didn’t bring up that option.

Today I tried my luck by using the Pre-Purchase button of the new Diablo 3 landing page: Get there now

Et voilà… when it comes to Payment and TOS confirmation, where you also hhave to confirm that you can’t cancel your membership of WoW for one year, there was a new info: “Please select your Abonnement option. You can purchase the Year pass directly or pay it with your regular Abonnement turnus (in my case 3 months)”

I confirmed my upgrade and as you can see:

Thank you, Blizzard. I guess, this little “present” is another good reason why to activate a one-year-gametime with WoW (which I would have done anyways!)

So for all of you intending to play WoW and interested in the Diablo III GiveAway: Best use the landing page, hit the Pre-Purchase button, log on to your regular and confirm the deal! It’s only available till May 1st, 12.00am PST.

Please note: Your account is tied to WoW for one year even if you unband your abonnement before that shown time period. Blizzard will charge you the fully displayed time period – in my case: March 15th, 2012-March 15th, 2013 – so you also should track your credit card if it’s valid within the given time period if you do likewise. If you use bank payment order, you’d better have your account balanced in order to avoid consequences thereafter. It’s a legal contract but you get informed about that on the confirmation page when you confirm your “Purchase”!

But hey, it’s only fair…

Boy… I can’t wait until this time-sucker gets live and for me to play the first char on it! YAY! Blizzard, you made my day!

So hopefully you’re as successful getting your free copy of Diablo III as I was!

Have fun!

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