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Let’s review some Apps…(5)

Good day, fellow readers. Today there’s another issue about my
installed Apps. Today’s overview deals with Photo tools. Has
photo editing never been a topic on older cellphones (probably
due to the weak CPUs) do newer cellphones allow photo editing.

This is now possible in realtime as their CPU power is high enough.

You may also want to read the other posts I’ve made, so here’s an overview of what has been blogged so far in this series:

Table of Content:

Let’s review some Apps…(1)
Let’s review some Apps…(2)
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Let’s review some Apps…(5)
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So let’s see what fine Apps you can use to alter Pictures and manage transfers between iDevices.

Photastic HD

This App allows inline morphing of your images and videos. So if ordinary photos are dull, have them morphed by Photastic HD and save the result to your film roll. This App is rather simple but the effects are nice to look at.

+ Nice effects
+ Realtime movie morphing
+ Easy to use

– Little number of options and effects.

Overall-Rating: ★★★☆☆ – $0.99


PS Express

If you ever loved Photoshop on your Mac/PC for it’s great filters and image manipulation tools, then you will love this mobile version of the famous image editing tool. Have image grain removed, sharpen your images, remove scratches, improve vibrance of colors and apply other interesting filters on your image. The tools are already numerous to allow publishing good-looking pictures without the need of a computer. A must if you use WordPress on your iDevice and want to use good quality images in your blog.

+ Many available tools
+ Good results
+ Works also on relatively dark images
+ Easy to use

None found so far

The App earned an extra star for being free although it offers so many features.

Overall-Rating: ★★★★★+★ – Free



This App addresses weaknesses of the defult camera App from Apple. While the default App does allow only basic image altering, this App goes one step ahead and allows correction of many image parameters and also apply effects. Save the finalized picture to your filmroll for immediate sending and Usage on any social media or blog.

+ Lots of effects to choose from
+ Direct save to filmroll
+ Clean GUI
+ Fast

– does not integrate into iOS (to possibly replace the startup of the default App)

Overall-Rating: ★★★★☆ – $0.99



This App allows exchanging colors in an image. You can for example, change a red house to a blue house and so on. The possibility to change either areas or the whole image allows interesting effects and good batch processing. It’s not a must-have but the idea and concept is good.

+ Multiple editing styles
+ Accurate color replacement
+ Fast

– a tad too expensive. $0.99 would have been a better price tag

Overall-Rating: ★★★★☆ – $0.99


Picture Effect Magic

Another Image editing and modifiying tool that comes with some effects, the above image editors don’t have! For example a Pixelizer. Take your image and pixelize that you or the people don’t want to have published on social media. Also alter your pic, morph it or add image effects to selected areas.

+ Multiple editing styles
+ Comes with a hand
+ Fast

None found so far

Overall-Rating: ★★★★★ – Free



definitely one of the most interesting Apps so far. Ever dreamt of making one of these quickchanging day movies. Where 10 seconds of film span 3 hours? Wait no longer because the App is here for your convenience. This App allows taking several images in a predefined time period and later applies them into one video.

+ Clean interface
+ Results are great
+ Manage multiple projects
+ Add/remove single pictures
+ Create 720p movies!

– Interface sometimes doesn’t recognize your taps
– App crashed during an automated image taking session several times
– Must have lots of free memory!

Overall-Rating: ★★★★☆ – $1.99


360 / PhotoSynth

These two Apps do exactly the same. Take automatized pictures and apply them together to a panoramic view. While 360 still seems to have some problems with correctly stitching the images together, Photosynth produces okay results. Of course, the real 360 degre panorama images are done with professional gear. But for a quick impression, especially Photosynth does a good job. Astounding that Photosynth is a Microsoft product.

+ Both Apps deal fairly with stitched images, Photosynth does it a bit better.
+ Both Apps allow automatic lighting

– 360 does not always bring up good results

Overall Rating 360: ★★★★☆ – $0.99 (no longer free)
Overall Rating Photosynth: ★★★★★ – Free



The name does suggest to skecth images and it does. The results are simply stunning. The fact that your image is rendered in realtime so you can see what you get makes this App just even better. My personal favourite in image manipulation programs and definitely worth the money!

+ Great effects
+ Real time preview
+ Good quality
+ Stable App
+ Different recording modes
+ Comic book style!

None discovered so far

Overall-Rating ★★★★★ – $0.99



This App allows transferring photos via Bluetoth between iDevices. Synching your images between your Mac or PC and your iDevice is possible also using WiFi. Of course, iCloud can perform the same result but PhotoSync does also connect to Picasa, Flickr and other social media platforms. this might come in handy when you’re on the go and need to share your taken images with others.

+ Works well
+ Different transfer modes
+ Select multiple images to transfer

– Doesn’t connect to Android phones

Overall-Rating ★★★☆☆ – $1.99


That’s for now from the imaging sector. Stay tuned when it comes to travelling helpers tomorrow.

Update April 12th, 2019:

All links lead to a 404 error but most of these apps can be manually found. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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