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New Switch Pro to come?

The Switch from Nintendo is going to reach almost as high
sale figures as the Wii from 2006 which still is the leading
console with over 100 million sales. The Switch and Switch
Lite are at 61 million sales so far.

However with Sony bringing the PS5 and Microsoft releasing the XBox Series X for christmas 2020 aiming for serious 4K gaming, Nintendo also wants to have a piece of the cake.

So while the Switch (Lite) is still selling fine and with corona being omnipresent, sales have even risen. With the Switch Pro(?) Nintendo could also aim for 4K gaming while the recessor will still continue selling aiming for the low-price segment. A domain, Nintendo always has served well in the past let alone, dominated!

Traces that lead to the Switch Pro(?) are a sequel to the highly-accepted and well-sold Zelda – BotW but also to some new Mario titles. We would love to see a well-made sequel to Zelda – BotW as that title is already very impressive with it’s gigantic open world and so extremely much to discover without the need to have a broadband connection always running.

Of course titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 which covers the entire Earth are dazzling however you need to have an online connection running or the surface textures look not as detailed as you’ve probably seen on screenshots, let alone, the missing building levels/structures/height map and environment or even the weather. Only the basic game comes at a hefty 80GB download if you install it online from one of the game platforms. The other 60TB of data it needs to represent the high-definition textures are streamed on-demand and also ask for a pretty powerful computer.

So if you’re out of luck and do not have a powerful machine or broadband connection, well… you can count 1+1, right?

So Nintendo is still in lead when it comes to serve High-class content without the need of the latest technology or lots of storage capacity. We checked on Zelda: BotW and found out that the entire(!) game world is consisting of roghly 41GB of data. World of Warcraft whose worlds are enormous already comes to a whopping 80GB monster even though structures are way less-detailed as WoW’s aim is to keep the comic-like style.

Oh… and then there’s Red Dead Redemption 2 which is the to-this-day most detailed open world game title gobbling up 150GB of disk space. YIKES!

Anyway. The Switch Pro(?) would be a nice update and with the Zelda sequel being already in development, it’s definitely something you want if the price is right… but till now nothing more is known. We’ll have to wait but first hints are that we won’t see a new Switch before 2021…

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