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What an idiot…

Driving can be difficult and yes, policemen can be annoying too if they pick
you out for no obvious reason. But totaling your car and possibly endangering
other’s lives isn’t an option then! The driver of the car in the following video didn’t
care about anything and drove into the traffic jam recklessly and totaled his car.

The policemen finally took action and picked him out of the car. The penalty fee will be heavy I suppose and maybe the driver will prbably loose his driver’s license and probably get some days to think about behind bars. At least these are things you’d better not consider doing in China…

According to some rechereches it seems that the driver should have been stopped as his license plate was covered (not allowed!).
Later on it seemed that the driver was a 19-years-old man who has just been released from incarceration. I guess he’ll see his cellmates again sooner as he would have expected or preferred!

Watch here:

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