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iPhone 11 Pro used for short movie

The iPhone 11 Pro is the flagship from Apple when it
comes to smartphones. Apple has invested a lot of
brainpower to equip it with a remarkable camera as
well which is used for professional movie shots.

The following video shows what the iPhone 11 Pro can do when used in conjunction with professional camera equipment.

The following short film is entirely and solely shot with the iPhone 11 Pro. No other camera has been used. The ‘Making of’ demonstrates how much effort the filming team put into the production.

Watch it on YouTube:

Or watch it below if YouTube is unreachable for you:

The quality is simply astounding and it once more shows that the new iPhone 11 Pro camera is indeed of good quality. We still wonder why there aren’t such short films made with the flagship camera smartphones such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro or Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ which are often said to be waaay better than the iPhone 11 Pro.

The film itself has a heart-touching storyline which is based upon a true story. Besides outlining the technical possibilities of the iPhone 11 Pro, this film should make us think of those people who are less fortunate in life and do everything for their family and kids!

Here’s the “Making of” in order to see how much effort was spent to make the short film:

Watch on YouTube:

Or watch it below if YouTube is unreachable for you:

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