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New form of privacy breach?

Big brother is watching you! This is version 2.0 of
what privacy breach can be. Tianhong Li and his
colleagues at the MIT foud a way to make a visible
radiography of a building and make walls translucent.

Not litterally, that is, but the algorithm allows to see trough walls and what’s happening behind them.

Although this is just a study, the main problem is as soon as the technology gets into a functional status, there’s almost no limit of what can be done with radiowaves and AI. In this case it’s scanning through walls without using x-ray and thus not harming people in a medical way.

For that they have trained an AI system to analyze images and movements of people using conventional images then combining the radiowave scan (where different reflection waves also generate some sort of image) with the image in order to make a prediction of what the person could do next or where it is moving to.

Guess what: Police and security authorities already are rubbing their hands to lay hands on this technology. While they say that it’s a milestone to detect whether a person is holding a phone or endangering a third person using a weapon, the possibilities are limitless.

The assertion to say that this technology would improve privacy as it would make persons only visible by a scheme and not as an image is the same BS as they’re telling us that we won’t be subject of Big Data. But truth is, where there’s a door shut, ten new open and allow even more stuff that would scare us.

The invasion of the privacy within your own walls is however something you should be aware of and hell, no, we wouldn’t allow some spies to analyze every of our movements without us knowing and then speculate what we could have done.

If we had a meeting with the John or having a bath or banging our spouses there’s no right for whomever to spy on us and tell others what we were doing. Big Data is one buzzword of today’s economy IT and it just means making money out of your privacy or your (private) data.

Trust us, there will be some sick mind telling us that this technology will just be used for criminal-solving purposes. But we had this BS talk in the past already. Remember the trojan softwares to be used on your computer while you’re using it? Of course every one of us is being incriminated in some way. Mistrust and the like. In China already set up and working and we’re close to that as well.

Oh and don’t come with quotes like “I don’t have to hide anything!”. If you want to publish or broadcast your privacy and give up every aspect of being on your own for once and some time, then well, go ahead and make your privacy vanish. But we love to have some privacy at least in our homes. And our four walls are our castles where no one and we mean NO ONE has the right to break that shield and spy on us whenever they want to.

The Internet already does that and thanks to IoT this is going to get worse. Just see our post from a few days ago what permanent surveilance an end up in! And no, THAT is NOT what we want!

What’s next? putting a steel mesh into our homes’ walls to stop radiowaves from passing through? Well, could be a solution however our cell phones might be dead when inside. And not just that. Virtually everything that uses radio frequency to transmit data is then cut off as this would be the only way to stop the radiowave eye from spying on us even through walls.

Still keen of the technology mentioned above? Well, think twice!

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