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Surveillance camera hacked (IoT)

IoT is a fine ting, most people of us think.
Checking room temperature, switch lights
remotely or do a surveillance remotely
using internet-connected webcams.

A family in Mississippi has witnessed what can happen if IoT gadgets aren’t secured against unauthorized access and run with default settings.

The mother of an 8-year-old girl has installed a home surveillance camera in her daughter’s room to keep an eye on her. She got the gadget on the cyber friday sale.

Most likely not knowing how to properly secure the camera from outer access she installed it with default settings meaning that also the remote access uses default logon credentials one could look up on the manufacturer’s homepage. When the girl suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice in the camera’s speaker telling her the unknown man is Santa Claus and she doesn’t have to worry, the mother was terrified and quickly dismounted the camera returning it to the shop again.

Luckily the girl acted well and told her mum that she heard an unknown voice from the camera. The most frightening part is, why do parents install cameras in her childs’ rooms to monitor them anyways? If the children were making themselves ready for bed which could also mean they get completely naked, this could be a possible source for child pornography!

Now we don’t know how laws in the U.S.A. deal with parents not knowingly disclosing potentially criminal or offensive material (and child pornography IS criminal material – worldwide!) but if we would do surveillance on our children, we would take every action needed to fend off any harm from them by securing the camera against all possible ways of being intruded by foreigners. So the following video should be a lesson for you all dealing with the idea of surveillance. Our tip: Just leave your childrens’ rooms be their private space such as you would keep your bedroom private yourself as well!

Watch the news video (material courtesy of 6abc News):

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