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Facebook is always tracing you!

As an eager user of facebook, you’re always
using facebook on your smartphone as well.
Thinking of the security, you have already
disabled GPS tracking for facebook.

On your arrival in London you switch on your smartphone and open facebook again because you have to tell your friends that you’re safe and sound in London.

But what’s that? There’s already an ad on your facebook wall suggesting you shopping locations in and around London.

But how is that possible? You have disabled all ways of tracking for facebook! Yet facebook knows already where you are!

Well, that’s not a big magic. Although you can disable tracking via GPS and cookies you forget how you get online into facebook. Yes, this data seems to be also used for tracking. WLAN access, cell networks you’re using. And tada: facebook knows where you are and how to deliver ads of companies in your surrounding to you where you currently are.

But did you forget that photos you take are geo-tagged? And then there’s the IP address of your internet access of course!

So even if you disabled tracking via GPS in your cell phone, then facebbok tries to determine your location using one of the two other methods. And while facebook is telling their users to have full control about their privacy, this is simply a lie as facebook still is using data secretly to follow you and be able to deliver context-sensitive ads.

So if you think, disabling GPS only for tracking does the trick or disabling cookies, then you’re wrong.

Think of that when you use facebook the next time again…

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