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Lockscreen Security flaw in iOS13 found!

The all-new iOS13 has not yet been released to the public but it
already has a security flaw in it. Again the security hole is found in
the lockscreen. With Voiceover, Siri and the Answer with Message
feature it is possible to reveal contacts which wouldn’t show up.

Jose Rodriguez, well known for most of the lockscreen hacks was also working on this hack. The following video prooves that the hack exists and is working.

With this video released, Apple instantly contacted Jose Rodriguez and “awarded” him with an $1 gift card for the Apple Store.

Frankly said this is a slap in the face as it shows that your data isn’t as secure as always stated by Apple:

Although contact data may contain bogus data as well, this should be taken seriously. The (perhaps) friendly-intended gesture with the $1 gift card is however a quite doubtful way to show someone appreciation upon discovering flaws in the usually secure iOS!

Perhaps Apple is reconsidering it’s present and adds 999 US$ to the gift card. That would be an appreciation IMHO!

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