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Some spectacular glacier calvings

What looks awesome and beuatiful (sort of) is also an
active warning that the glaciers are melting away in a
way faster speed than expected by now. As a result of
global warming this should make us think about it.

Not only is the Carbondioxide exhaust higher than ever, there’s also another hidden danger within these thick layers of ice. Methane! Methane has a 300 times stronger impact on our ozone layer than CO2 has. So if that is solved from the ice and the deep sea where large reservoirs of semi-frozen Methane have been detected, then this could lead to massive problems.

Although this glacier calving should make us worry, it’s otherwise a spectacle to watch and with each ice crumbling away, we should face the question: “When will we see this spectacle the last time…”

But watch these spectacular videos now:

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