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Assange accused of espionage!

As if it was known already, the USA broke their promise
not to accuse Assange of espionage which could mean
a 175 years incarceration penalty. Now things start to get
real ugly for Assange.

With the forced expellation from the ecuadorian embassy, Assange first got accused again for sexual harrassment of two women in Sweden. And as it is known already, Sweden has an agreement to deliver people subject to criminal offences and felonies to the USA if they demand this.

Now Assange IS accused of espionage and the USA will most likely file an extradition to sue him in the USA and lock him away for a long time (175 years can be achieved if the espionage accusation is given at full extent!). This would mean that Assange will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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