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Black holes… what do they look like?

For a long time, the existence of black holes has been
prooved by Albert Einstein using his theory of relativity.
The main problem is that we still have no real picture
of what a black hole might look alike.

This is a concept image of what a black hole could probably look alike.

The DESY has made a lot of research to find out what a black hole consists of and what it could possibly look alike and what the basics for these might be. The full article can be read here: DESY Article about molecular black hole

The description is as follows:

The extremely intense X-ray flash knocks so many electrons out of the iodine atom (right) such that it pulls in the electrons of the methyl group (left) like an electromagnetic version of a black hole, before finally spitting them out. Credit: DESY/Science Communication Lab

Another article of the DESY shows another picture of a possible black hole inside a cloud disc which might be the event horizon.

The black hole is emerging a high-energy matter into the space surrounded by clouds, what is called the event horizon. The image to the right is just an artistic illustration but looks close to the first ever real image of the black hole that is presented by the european commission.

The image to the left shows the Super massive black hole in the Messier 87 galaxy which is 55 million light years away from earth. They say that the mass of the black hole is nearly 6.5 billion times of what the sun’s mass is. That’s quite impressive and scary at the same time.

But due to the distance there’s no danger for us to fear (yet). The description is funny to read. Imagine the size of the black hole as if you were searching for a golf ball on the moon from earth. So this is tiny… very tiny. The possibility to spot the black hole with the eye is tending to zero chance.

This is the video statement of the ESO (European Southern Observatory):

As soon as more information is revealed about the Black Hole detection event, we will post it here! Stay tuned!


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