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TSMC has 5nm Lithography active!

When it comes to chip production, TSMC is a major brand.
7nm is already working fine although Intel still struggles.
AMDs newer ZEN processors are produced at 7nm already.
TSMC now starts production at 5nm and the Cortex A72.

So is this the next step 5nm production and who will take advantage of TSMCs next shrinking step? NVidia? AMD, maybe even Intel? We don’t know for sure but it’s thrilling to see that structure size can still be shrunken. Moore’s law however foresees that anything below 3nm is physically unreachable and needs the research of new technology to achieve smaller structure sizes.

Whatever the upcoming years will show, the dense integration of transistors and memory makes it necessary to shrink structure sizes even more and also makes one thing even more imporant: Heat dissipation, current flow, current strength. They all build limitations against limitless die size anddesign let alone the way heat gets dissipated from large die sizes…

Water cooling was a thing of the past and becomes even more important in the future again.

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