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NVidia drivers now Creator-Ready

NVidia has released a new type of Graphics drivers for
their graphics cards. All these with Turing chips will now
gain speed from the Creator-ready driver packages. So
an RTX 2080 might gain up to 12% speed in Blender.

A bunch of applications already support GPU-accelerated image processing, So it’s good to see that also Adobe Photoshop CC (9%), Adobe Premiere CC (9%) and Cinema 4D (8%) gain some more speed with an optimized driver that focuses on content creation rather than gaming.

It is unknown however if the optimization for content creation tools impacts on the gaming speed capabilities of compatible graphics cards. The development is interesting though as NVidia also seems to optimize for content creation even though a consumer graphics card is used instead of a professional workstation graphics card from the Quadro Series which often are more expesive compared to their customer-focused pendants.

Maybe this is a silent hint that NVidia will produce a single GPU line and providing power to the different users by providing different drivers.

The other question is if that could negatively affect prices for the GPUs in general as workstation GPUs were always 30-50% more expensive than the equally-powered consumer GPU.

We’ll have to wait and see how NVidia will further develop GPUs and if Turing becomes the first Hybrid GPU series that serves consumer and professional market.

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