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Geneva International Motor Show ’19

The international Motor show in Geneva is just
few days ahead. On thursday the motor show
is opening it’s doors to the public and all major
motor brands are presenting their latest cars.

This year may become special as two highly anticipated sections are in focus: Electro-fuel cars and autonomous driving. E-Cars are becoming more popular as more and more countries tend to prohibit the activation of classic-gas-driven cars, like Norway, Sweden etc. by a certain year. In Norway they plan to banish all gasoline-driven cars to the year 2025. That’s highly-sophisticated as there aren’t enough e-cars available to date and also companies like Tesla still has problems delivering the Model 3 in a sufficient quantity.

The main problem is the production of all the batteries needed to run all these cars.

So although the ban is straight ahead it’s doubtful that gasoline cars will be banned on 1.1.2025. – We expect an intermediate solution that alows hybrids to be run till a certain date until the market for e-cars has filled and electro-mobility is widely available to everyone.

But what about autonomous driving? Still there are some glites to be ironed out and late accidents have been a reason why autonomous driving is still held back until it works sufficient.

But it’s amazing to see these cars run almost alone by themselves without much interaction of the driver.

Let alone the current TEsla models. They’re capable of handling the city traffic at speeds up to 50kmph without big problems. Although this is only possible due to a complicated camera system and an onboard computer that calculates all the necessary parameters to provide failsafe autonomous driving.

All major motor brands are investigating in autonomous driving as the density of the traffic makes this necessary. The efforts are indeed impressive. And while autonomous driving seems possible, there’s one variable that can disturb the whole process. Mankind itself! Because nothing is more unpredictible as, let’s say a child running onto the streets. But it’s not kids alone that are in danger on the streets. Also adults who aren’t paying enough attention to the traffic while staring at their electronic device (smartphone, tablet, musicplayer etc…) can become a serious issue here.

So although the progress in autonomous driving is indeed amazing, the truth is that we won’t see many autonomous vehicles on the road for another couple of years.

In the meantime the railways may become more autonomous but that’s another story that doesn’t belong to the Geneva International Motor Show that takes place in Geneva from March 7th to March 17th.

We will be there…. are you?

Will you visit the Geneva International Motor Show?

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