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Windows and it’s update problems

Things you hate about Windows…
You know it well. You fire up your box and you expect it
to run as intended. And while you wait for Windows to
boot up and show you the desktop, you do other stuff.

But what happens if your screen stays black? Well then there’s either the push of the reset button and trying to replay the whole bootup procedure or… if that doesn’t help… try to find the problem that hinders your machine to fire up correctly.

One of our members had this problem today and found out that even the slightet update change can mess up your windows if you don’t know what updates are made. After some further investigation there were two updates that locked windows to a complete stillstand and only the Safe mode allowed the deinstallation of the updates and then piece by piece reinstallation until the faulty updates were fund.

Interesting to know that one of the updates that stopped Windows from booting, was a homemade soundcard driver for Realtek-Audio chips onboard.

Installing the manufacturer’s own WHQL(!)-certified driver brought no problems. So strike one against Microsoft. Of that doesn’t work well, Microsoft should do a better check on their WHQL-Lab internally.

The second update was a stability and performance improvement package.

To be sort of sarcastic. Yes, the stability and improvement has worked: Windows wasn’t working at all. So where to judge any stability where there’s nothing to judge about at all?

Well Microsoft, while one member’s Windows 7 is workling like a charm, the Windows 10 disaster is ongoing and no sight of improvment (what irony here…) is visible. Now you habe the reason why so many users still stick to their Windows 7 installation. It simply works when expected. Period!

And as long as Windows 10 is such a mess, that won’t change either. And companies know about this fact as well.  Most of them still run Windows 7 Enterprise on their machines. It just works!

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