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5G (LTE Advanced) a bird killer?

LTE Advanced (5G) is proceeding fast. Today Switzerland has
finished the auction-sale of the frequency bands used for 5G
to the three major mobile providers (Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise).
But as always there are doubters who think, 5G is bad for us!

One site claims per video that a 5G test in Den Haag has killed hundres of birds. They state that the frequency might have caused the birds to be grilled as 5G uses much more power to achieve a good coverage.

Is this true or is this a simple attempt to make 5G a bad thing just before it has been established at all?

Well, a site has checked the facts.

The simple result is that, yes, a 5G test has been performed in Den Haag but it took place way earlier and ended without the die-off of hundreds of birds then.

Another result of the bird body analyzation has shown that the brds’ bowels were empty as well as their stomaches. So it’s rather likely the brds have either starved or they took something that made them vomit out their food. Some tests have shown that a lake had poisonous traces in the water what could have caused the birds’ deaths.

Another fact is that tests have been performed worldwide and no such event has been experienced elsewhere.

The fact that the 5G basebands are settled close to the microwave spectrum (2,4-5GHz) makes people think that this emitted radiation could harm people.

Yes, a prolonged exposure to these waves can be unhealthy but we have to face the fact that a microwave oven uses about 800 watts of power to emitt microwaves from the magnetron, a cell phone station is allowed to emitt waves at roughly 10 watts only. The fact that the antennas are located on roofs or way higher on poles also takes steps to reduce load on the human body.

All in all one can say that the 5G frequencies have been tested in advance and they’re not more harming than existing 3G or 4G waves. So there’s no fear to expect especially dying from radiation or waves grilling our bodies.

The fact that cheaper smartphones and cell phones are emitting wave power at a higher rate than necessary is given. Modern expensive smartphones mostly keep their power down to a non-critical level.

So what’s the conclusion?

There’s nothing to fear of 5G whatsoever and don’t take every scaring news for granted! Often these are issued by activists who also think that DECT, WLAN and other radio wave technologies are bad and unhealthy.

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