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SoftBank selling whole NVidia share!

Perhaps a really bad day for the NVidia CEO. Softbank,
an investor group bank from Japan has announced to
sell their whole 3.63 billion US$ share package. There was
no given reason for Softbank to sell their whole invest.

One thing is for sure. NVidia has again to correct their forecast for their revenues in 2019 with this massive loss of investor’s money. There was no reason visible nor a fight between NVidia and Softbank where Softbank would have considered selling their whole share package rated at 3.53 billion US$ invest sum.

Either NVidia can find new investors willing to put their money into NVidia shares and invest buckets or else NVidia has to find a way how to cope with this massive financial loss.

Decreasing demand in China for High-End graphics cards (cryptocurrency mining has lost a lot of interest in China since the chinese government put even higher control on cryptocurrency and their trade on markets. Regulation has become very strict nowadays making cryptocurrency unpopular in China in general.)

With this huge breakaway of customers in the asian market, NVidia has to face another setback as NVidia has done price design towards higher demand of GPUs that can also cope with a lot of hashing for cryptocurrencies.

But now customers just want a high-end graphics gard to play their games at 4K resolution and 8K is just around the corner. But yet customers are not willing to spend 1500 US$+ on a graphics card. And with AMD releasing the Radeon VII, things get even worse.

Time to get back on the good ol’ tracks for NVidia and offer good graphics cards for a reasonable price!

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