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Samsung Galaxy S10 – prices leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the successor to the current
top line model of Samsung. Now the prices for EMEA
have leaked and it seems as if Samsung is trying to have
the most expensive smartphone in their portfolio.

Not only will the S10 be the fastest smartphone that has been designed to time but also it will have the highest capacity of internal memory and storage.

 With prices up to 1600€ the largest model 6.4″ OLED display, will come with a whopping 12GB RAM(!) and 1TB of internal storage. This should be sufficient to put even the biggest music library on your phone for offline listening pleasure.

With 12GB RAM the phone sets a new record for available memory to apps. However we wonder why an iPhone XS runs so smooth with only 4GB of RAM. Could it be that Samsung foresees some hardcore apps that need more and more RAM in order to work smooth? What could demand for so much RAM anyway? Not even video editing (if that makes sense on that small screen anyways!) could fill that much RAM. At least a good memory management would make massive RAM usage obsolete. Clever caching solutions allow for smooth data access at any time.

But it seems as if Samsung is going for the motto: “You can never have enough of it!”. The S9 already hat d a docking station so that the phone could be used as a desktop computer although there are not much apps that would let desktop feeling come up.

It may be all speculations for now as the true intention for so much RAM is only known to Samsung so far.

But let’s be honest: Does it make sense to shell out up to 1600€ for a smartphone where the following generation will already be released one year later?

Apple has been criticized for their high-priced top-end models, the iPhone XS Max yet Samsung is trying to do likewise. maybe this will also be the wrong direction to go as Apple already had to confess that their sales have dropped down after raising their prices above the 1500€ line!

So this is the price lineup for the known 4G models:

  • Galaxy S10 E (Lite) 6/128 GB 779 Euros
  • Galaxy S10 6/128 GB 929 Euros
  • Galaxy S10 8/512 GB 1179 Euros
  • Galaxy S10+ 6/128 GB 1049 Euros
  • Galaxy S10+ 8/512 GB 1299 Euros
  • Galaxy S10+ 12/1 TB 1599 Euros

Although there were speculations about a 5G variant of the S10+, the Galaxy S10 X, there will be no such model so far as 5G is not yet available in most countries. However this variant may come later. For a slightly higher price, that is!

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