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Why we don’t use Tapatalk!

Tapatalk is a comfortable function, yes! There are numerous
people using Tapatalk to jump between their many accounts
on different forums. As Tapatalk has a rather doubtful way
using personal data, we won’t use it on Netspark’s blog!

There are several forums that used Tapatalk for some time to allow users having a better user experience on mobile devices. However this is no reason for Tapatalk to copy content of the blogs and forums using it and paste it to other forums (maybe their own and claiming the content their own also). The fact that Tapatalk also injects ads is even more doubtful as well as the fact that webservers running forums with Tapatalk enabled tend to be overloaded even if there’s no other activity on them.

Also the fact that Tapatalk reserves the right to use personal data for various purposes (mainly ad provisioning) is making us a bit careful. In no way we would allow companies to take advantage of our ad-free forum just to pester users with their ads and earning lots of money while we’re providing content for free without any benefit.

This is the exact reason why you won’t find Tapatalk on this blog as we concern about our visitors’ privacies and respect their right to just provide the data they want to share not what they must share in order to use our blog.

Netspark’s Blog will always remain ad-free nor will it use any techniques to allow third parties to gather information about users they’re not willing to share otherwise.

Of course we use thrid party services of Google but Google had to comply with the european DSGVO so the usage of some plugins here that rely on Google Analytics or other tools (APIs) from Google are the only exception we’re doing.

Almost every other website also relies on these APIs to provide you with rich, responsive and dynamic content. But privacy is our biggest concern and thus we’re thoroughly testing for any data leaks plugins can cause and we’re trying to find alternatives, where possible.

Finally we advise our users to use Addons like uBlock and/or NoScript to gain full control over their browser and how it renders pages. Using these on our blog should not interfere with the user experience much if you deny some scripts to run but we cannot exclude it totally. So here you have to test for yourself until you’re reached a satisfactory level between privacy/comfort.

What you definitely won’t see here are paywalls in order to access blog posts! We’re not going to add these in the future as well as we ourselves believe in freedom of speech and access to content.

And if time should come where we need your help with money, then it will be a voluntary fundraising where you can but don’t need to donate in order to read the articles here!


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