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Autumn and winter at the same time?

Impossible, you say? Well, seems not. In Switzerland at higher exposed locations, the
temperatures have dropped below zero. Snow fell down under 1000 metres and in some
locations, the fresh snow amount was 70 cm and up. A cold wave from the north brought
polar air to the south over Europe and temperatures have dropped by 15 to 25 °C.

So that was the main reason why there was so much snow. The second reason was that the milder and more humid air from the south has collided with the polar air just over Switzerland building up an occlusion.

Frosty, that’s what you could say. You wake up, go out and notice that the clima has rapidly changed forcing you to shiver at the first minutes.

However the weather is again changing. Within the next 48 hours the southern air waves bring in much milder air and thus higher temperatures. Also the rain will vanish. At least some good news after my bday has started the rainy way…

An impressive picture from Mount Niesen (2’362m above sea level) in the near of Spiez, BE:

Image is courtesy of  Berner Zeitung/Espace Media

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