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Birthday… 33 years old…

So there I am. 33 years old. Let’s see what the new year will bring to me. At least I will
have a great party this friday. Not only because a good friend of mine is visiting me.
But also DJing is on the plan together with my bro. So there’s a lot of prework to do yet!
Hopefully everything will work out the way I want and my friends will have a good time!

That’s birthday time to me – And whereas in young days the party has been organized by my grandparents, nowadays you have to take care of such yourself. Party also means work. Simple as that. But the fun is rewarding!

Hopefully, Rosiv will enjoy his stay in Bern also. Welcome to Bern, good ol’ pal!

Feel free to leave comments here. And have a good week’s starting!


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  • Pianoman says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Even here :-)

    Posted on October 10th, 2011 at 14:25 Reply | Quote

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