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Chess IS addictive!

Remember September 12th? Where I stated that 8 (EIGHT!) queens to get is
almost impossible to achieve as the AI tends to get stalemate before replacing
7 pawns into queens? Seems as if I finally did otherwise. What previously
looked like an unsolvablepuzzle, finally solved up. Not so difficult at all!

Easier than I thought and fully relaxed at the same time!

So how does the result look like at the end?

8 Queens and the final move to finish the AI… couldn’t laugh more!

These were the finishing moves when I had my last (7th) pawn turned into a queen:

  1. ♙c7-c8♕+
  2. ♚h3-h4
  3. ♕c8-c3
  4. ♚h4-h3
  5. ♙b7-b8♕
  6. ♚h3-h4
  7. ♕a8-a3
  8. ♚h4-h3
  9. ♕b8-h8#

It took quite a while to position the figures in a way so that the computer has room to do moves and otherwise not to break free and kill my pawns sprinting to the top… a rook and a queen was all I needed!

So… the question is: Will I be able to put also 9 queens on the checkerboard? This may be VERY difficult as on medium the AI goes for your pawns first (even though it will loose key figures such as the queen…)

September 27th: Baby, hit me one more time:


In case you wonder how I set the AI checkmate after this wonderful King of Queens formation:

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