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New day and new patent lawsuits arollin’

It’s incredible what’s possible on the patent “market” – Although I can understand that
Apple is defending their intellectual goods such as the design of the iPad which Samsung
has derived it’s Galaxy Tab from, it’s unconducive for the IT market to block and sue.
But exactly this is now being repeated by a small company, called Internet Machines!

Who is this company and whom are they suing? The company sees itself as a provider for switching and networking solutions on a singe chip and is a semicounductor company that does not have a fab to produce the chips. It’s interesting also that they link to two universities and the U.S. Navy.

The rest of the website (which I really don’t like as it is completely made in Flash) is not very informative as clicking on “Skip Intro” just opens another tab with the same site and the content got stuck at “Loading text…” when clicking on the “Continue” button after the intro… for me it looks like a webpage that has been click-designed within ten minutes and then upped with haste and not tested in any way. Some webdesigner seems not to have done his homework…

Okay, so there’s not much info about it, I googled about Internet Machines and found someting about it on

California-based Internet Machines, founded in 2000, was a fabless semiconductor company that raised $80 million in venture capital at the height of the dot-com bubble. The company, which was later renamed IMC Semiconductor Inc., filed suit against Alienware, Round Rock-based Dell (Nasdaq: DELL), California-based Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NYSE: AMD) and 14 other tech companies, the filing shows.

Rather interesting that a company from the grave still can burp at big cats such as ASUS, Dell, AMD, NVidia, Club 3D and some others…

So have a look on the patents, Internet Machines is going to make money of…

Patent 7’454’552 – Switch with transparent and non-transparent ports (Looks like some mumbo-jumbo about mapping memory IO’s to virtual ports of different devices)

Patent 7’421’532 – Switching with transparent and non-transparent ports (Looks like the similar crap in the patent above… too lazy to compare it all!)

What’s interesting: The company tries to sue even computer manufacturers for using PIC-E in their machines. Although the switching process isn’t deniable at all, the technics are probably furthermore developed by the PCI-E consortium and refined). After PCI-E has established well on the PC-market, the company that went bankrupt in 2003 now wants to make profit of this.

The company has made an 80 million US$ venture capital in the time where the .com-bubble was near to burst. I wonder what they made of all this money…? Maybe they still have to pay back lot’s of money to the investors that lost their invested money in the .com-bubble-burst and now file lawsuit agains Internet Machines in order to get their money back. And Internet Machines is about to get this money from the big ones mentionned earlier. Interesting strategy…

I hope these patent trolls won’t see a dime for their absolutely mishapened strategy and what still disappoints me more that the U.S. patent office accepts such real lame and not well-thought patents at all!

I wonder if the universities and the U.S. Navy know of the company linking to them and probably misusing their reputation.

I think, that could be a very expensive backfire for Internet Machines…

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