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Gadhafi not found due to secret car?

It sounds like a sci-fi novel. A modified 4×4 car, high-tech radio frequency jamming
technology, stealth-ability, highly-armored – a real moving fortress!
They say that the car itself is jamming any kind of electric device within 100 metres
(approx. 300 feet) using microwave and radio frequency at high power rate.

The delivering country: France!

The company: Amesys (meanwhile declared bankruptcy)

The key persons: Nicolas Sarkozy, Claude Guéant

The car: a white Mercedes 4×4 SUV with the previously mentionned properties.

When: 2007

Why? Noone knows for sure, was France recently strong for the lybian rebels and thus against Gadhafi. maybe in that time ehere the sale has been ratified, no one has ever thought, that Lybia would have such problems. No one ever thought, Gadhafi would loose control over Lybia.

The car is so extremely dangerous as one of the early designers say when the car has been tested, even the telephones were dead. You’d better not stand in the near of the car when it is active.

Doesn’t sound very nice. Stand in the near and get roasted…

Is this car the reason why Gadhafi is not yet found? Who knows…

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