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Such a sh*t! No toilet paper!

This reeks! Pupils of an elementary school in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) are
from now on forced to bring their own toilet paper. Why? because some
sh*theads thought, it’s a good idea to clog the toilet by throwing in complete
toiletpaper rolls or other paper that soaks full and clogs the drain.

The principal of the school simply said that he wants to set a sign for those who think, vandalism is cool.

On the other hand: Hey these little perks are only 6 to 10 and probably don’t know about the dramatic effects of such actions. In my opinion, the parents should discipline their kids more than the school. Punishing others for one sh*thead wh thinks, vanadlism rocks, can’t be the solution at all. And be honest: Who of us hasn’t done such stupidity in the past? Mostly it ended up by being punished by the parents who had to compensate the damage by payments. other disciplines could be that the fracker who clogged the toilet had to grap into the feces and dismantle the clog by himself. THAT would be a REAL punishment and could probably have more effect than a collective punishment, such as the one that every pupil has now to bring it’s own set of toilet paper to not have a delicate situation in the toilet!


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