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And the winner is… Me!

Well… As it got boring to checkmate the AI at medium setting over 100 times, I decided
to challenge myself by playing a round at extreme setting and try to checkmate him.
I tried often by playing as defensive as possible and mostly ended up checkmated as the
AI always slashed my pawns and then picks on my main figures one by one…

So I finally thought: “Okay, let’s see if I can f**k him up with scholar’s mate”…

About 40 games played with the AI having done the right moves, I finally did it…


AI checkmated by Scholar’s mate

The slightly higher play time of the AI is the result of the extreme difficulty setting as the computer tries to figure out almost every possible move.

However Scholar’s Mate appears not to be in the database at all…

Here are the moves:

♙= White – ♟ = Black

  1. ♙e2-e4
  2. ♞b8-c6
  3. ♕d1-h5
  4. ♟e7-e5
  5. ♗f1-c4
  6. ♞g8-f6
  7. ♕h5-f7#


Oh and by the way: Yep I played many rounds in medium setting and got six queens again:



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