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Conan O’Brien makes fun of Apple!

It seems as if Apple also is being mocked by local comedians. In the following
video, Conan O’Brien, a famous talkmaster, comedian and television host, has
brought up a video on Apple’s recent report that a prototype of the new long
awaited iPhone had been left in a tequila bar in California.

The video uses the famous Apple song while different characters are demanding the lost prototype back. The funny part is taken by a “Torture Division” that threatens the current owner of the lost phone with genital pain by insects.

Meanwhile in the reality, Apple seems to have located the lost phone in a private home in San Francisco. The resident of the home, a 22 years old man yet asserts his innocence and does not know of any device in his home…

Well, let’s see when first secrets shots of the new device will be published and how Apple will react. For now you can say, it’s again very cheap advertisement vor Apple as the people are just made hotter for the new device. Worked on the iPhone 4, so why shouldn’t it work on the new phone also.

Watch the comedy video of  Conan O’Brien:

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