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The Rolling Stone live!

This is something one would not like to happen to
oneself live. You drive on a road and suddenly a rock
crushes onto the road you’re driving on crushing your
foreman’s car. Wht do you think in such a moment?

Be honest… how often do you use mountain roads to get to a specific location and while doing so, you pass a lot of signs telling you to be very cautious when driving on such roads. Be it sharp turns, weather, extreme inclinations or just weather-based road conditions like wetness or even snow/ice that brings your car one step closer to the chasm.

But then there’s this innocent sign telling you that the wall of stone close to your car might get loose and drop stones onto the road you’re driving on. Most of you however think “Nah! There’s no rock going to hit me at any rate!” – In fact such rock drops rarely happen as the infrastructure service is responsible to secure the roads as good as possible. In Switzerland for example the roads are secured by big fences close to the rock wall ends so that the rocks dropping down will be caught by these fences. They mostly consist of chainlinks and strong pillars so that they can catch stones that weigh a multiple tons, the mesh of the fence is so flexible to catch the movement energy of such a rock without runing the risk of preaking these pillars loose. But not in every country there are such securing countermeasures taken to prevent rocks from falling onto a busy road. Even in Switzerland there are a handful roads that are exposed to rock slides that can become dangerous and make road closures necessary.

Here are 2 videos that show how dangerous a rockslide can become and how much luck these two drivers had when the rock just hits the chassis but not the cabin.


The first one was already a close call, but here’s an even closer call and stairway to heaven!

So next time when you pass this sign:

You should think for yourself: “It can happen, yes!” and thak all those people who secure the roads for you day by day so that accidents as shown in the videos above don’t happen too often!

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