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Boston Dynamics – the new Skynet?

Terminator / Terminator II are all well-known films.
The fictive company “SkyNet” has built robots that
act like humans but on a more logical structure. The
main problem: Even humans are considere a threat.

But what has been fiction back in 1992 seems to become real in 2018. Boston Dynamics has built a variety of robots that can master different tasks in an optimal way.

For example the famous 4-legged dog-similar robot “Spot” that can move at fast speeds and has the ability to stay on track even when distorted.

However there are other robots that are more human-like and they can even perform precise jumps during running. A thing that was almost impossible in the last few years as the computing power for gyro-based balance and position determination was not sufficient enough. And watching these robots with their almost nature-like movements makes one baffled…

Although they’re not equipped with heavy weaponry, this “feature could easily be added and the precision might be terrifying. And even though Boston Dynamics has no such interest, the danger that someone else might steal that technology to develop dangerous robots may be given!

But watch the videos to decide for yourself:

Robot “Atlas” masters obstacle parcour

Different robot types from Boston Dynamics

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