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Is the air out of NVidia?

Is NVidia running out of good ideas or is fake
marketing the new business to sell hardly faster
graphics chips at a higher price? If you read all
the negative comments on different news sites…

…one might think, NVidia is running out of ideas and now is desperately seeking for drummrolls where they’re not applicable at all.

At first the press was astounded of the new RTX graphics card series that hits the stores by now. 2070, 2080, 2080 Ti RTX are the new flagship graphics cards from NVidia.

Promising a lot of power for the gamers, it seems as if only optimized titles that use Raytracing (hence the RTX instead of GTX)!) will benefit from the new series of Turing.

When it comes to 3D power, the new graphics cards are not much faster than its predecessors, the 1070, 1080 and 1080 Ti. And what is most annoying is the fact that you pay up to 60% more for a mere 10% more processing power in usual 3D games. Wow! Get that! They squeeze out every dollar from the customer where possible.

Were the 10xx series anticipated and giving a good boost opposed to the 9xx series, the 20xx series simply fails to wow the audience. It seems as if NVidia wants their audience paid with gold for the rather mediocre effort they did on the new chips. And as long as there’s no comparable solution from AMD, they might be successful doing so.

A scam or just clever marketing from NVidia? I am not sure to do a verdict here. On the one hand the graphics in games that support ray tracing are amazing as lighting effects are way more realistic what is amazing and stunning and would rectify a healthy price tag raise. On the other hand the 3D power hasn’t changed that much to rectify such a steep price tag raise. And yet I fear that there are too many people falling for that and buying the way overpriced graphics cards as they’re always early birds. Good for NVidia as they have no force to bring out something that is also waaaaaaay faster than the predecessors.

I guess it’s up to AMD to create something that will show NVidia how it’s done right and how to make every gamer shout out “wow” and shell out more bucks for the newest graphics cards…

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