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Security breach at Airport Lyon

This monday a driver was on the wrong lane on a
highway close to Airport Lyon. But later he decided
to breach the security fence and drive onto the peri-
meter of the airport Lyon causing a huge chaos.

It did not take long for the security personnel and the police to hunt down the intruder who decided to run away on foot as he totaled his car when driving though the fence and jumping over an irrigation ditch.

Yet the arriving flights had to diverted to Marseille until the intruder was taken into custody.

It is not yet known what consequences he will have to face but they will be severe I guess. And luckily he did that in France because in the USA he might have been shot for penetrating a secure zone. With the incident back in 2001 where planes took down WTC and part of the Pentagon it is clear that Cops in the USA wouldn’t hesitate to make use of their guns in order to take down the intruder.

But watch the full footage here:

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