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Teen arrested for kicking

If you think as a teen you’re safe from being arrested
think again. The following story is about 15-years old
Isabella Messer from Hopkinsville, KN who got arrested
for protesting against her school’s dress code.

This is Isabella Messer from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Treatened like a criminal:

The crime: Kicking a security guard after she got a warning for wearing inappropriate clothing.

The front of her shirt states “Do my shoulders turn you on” – nothing special here just that her t-shirt might have revealed a bit too much of her shoulders.

The back reads “If so, go back to the 1920’s” – nothing special as well, just pointing out that wearing clothes that are a bit revealing are nothing special nowadays.

The principal of Hopkinsville High School however thought that her t-shirt is inappropriate. Some think it is because of the writing on her shirt, others suggest that it might be the revealing of her shoulders. Whatever the reason for the principal was to inform the security guard after Isabella refused to change her t-shirt and protesting against the warning she received for wearing the t-shirt.

The security guard was probably not aware that Isabella knows Taekwondo to defend herself against any kind of attacks or harrassment.

So when the security guard decided to drag her out of school for the incident mentioned above, she refused to go and gave the security a kick to his shin when he tried to get her phone. As the situation escalated, she has been taken into custody later for disorderly conduct and resistance against authority. When she was in court the same day later, the judge sentenced her for 6 days arreest in McCracken Regional Juvenile Detention Centre. After being released from arrest, she still has detention and is allowed to leave home for education in another school until the next court visit on September 26th.

Her mother is now considering fighting for her daughter’s right to wear t-shirts she likes eventhough they have text on it some people might find irritating. As long as the clothes of her are in accordance with the dress code guidelines there’s no reason for treatening a 15-year old teen like a criminal.

Also Isabella made a statement (which is IMHO right):

“I honestly believe that it is not fair to make girls cover up so they don’t ‘distract’ the boys at the school, I don’t think that’s fair. I think that the boys should be taught to treat women with respect and that they’re not a piece of meat.”
“In reality, that is what started all of this… . Our young girls, if they like the way they look and are happy with their bodies and themselves, why be forced to cover it up? Why disrupt their education because it might distract a boy?”

According to other sources this incident has happened as she was already warned by the principal for wearing a shoulder-free shirt. Back then she already was handcuffed and taken to the principal’s office for repeated resistance and for getting loud. Enough reasons for the principal to go any further and call for a security officer on school property. Back then she got red marks on different parts of her body as the officer was very harsh on her. She stated that upon the second incident she instinctively raised her leg with the reason of self-defense when he was reaching out for her once more.

Personal opinion:

Is this what “The land of the free” stands for?

Arresting a young teen girl for expressing her opinion on some rather old-fashioned dress code?

Treatening her like a criminal as she just defended herself and her property (her cell phone)?

If boys feel distracted or aroused by revealed shoulders, they better keep theirselves tamed down.

Women, be they adult or not, are not to be regarded as meat without mind! They have feelings, opinions and also the right to express their creativity and personality as long as no one is seriously harmed. Revealing shoulders or the wearing of a t-shirt with a text that points to exactly this fact is clearly non-offending. At least that’s the opinion of almost all people here in Europe!

I can only show respect to Isabella Messer for fighting for her rights to express herself the way she wants! Stay strong and all the best wishes for you in the future!

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