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Parents getting mad on toys

We all know it from our time as we were kids.
We did something our parents didn’t like much
and we got punished for that. Be it the cutoff of
our allowance or the prohibit to play with our toys.

In the following videos you’ll see parents go even further and destroy their kids’ toys physically showing that they didn’t like what their kids have done.

Have fun watching and good start into the weekend!

Already known as short version – Japanese dad smashes his kids’ new PS4 as they were making too much noise!

But they take their revenge after a PS3 and PS4 had been destroyed…

However their dad wasn’t too happy about the trashed roller. His reaction is expectable.


Kids have done something bad and the ultimate punishment: Breaking their beloved toys!


Another mad parents smashing their kids’ toys upon misbehaving.


And yet another compilation of destruction of kids’ favourite toys…


What do we learn?

If your parents ask you to pay attention to what they want you to do then better follow their orders or you will end up with shattered toys you love!

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