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Police slamming into teen biker

If you ever thought, the police in the USA would
let you go if you’re riding your bicycle without lights
then you’d better not be around in Sacramento, CA.
A 16 year old teen has been rudely stopped.

In a later statement the police department stated that the driver of the police car lost control over his vehicle slamming into the teen. A lame excuse if you ask me because if such an incident happens to you as a normal driver then you get fined for not being able to drive your car properly. But if that happens to the police (and even with hitting a person!) then it seems to be an accident.

No doubt that the teen riding his bicycle without lights turned on did not behave correctly and tried to run away. But stopping him later on by running him over with a SUV is definitely wrong!

So what would have happened if the teen would have died because of the rundown?

But watch the video here:

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