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Dual eGPU for Macs?

When speaking of GPU Power for notebooks
we just think of mobile GPUs inside them.
However with Thunderbolt 3, there are way more
options for extra GPU power. Sonnet has a concept.

With the release of the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway 650 box, you might even be able to pop in an AMD Radeon Pro WX9100 which is a fully featured workstation graphics card in order to make your MacBook Pro a fully-featured workstation.

Yet the power demand might be a problem as you cannot run the eGPU solution in mobile status. The power demand of 300W of the graphics card is demanding a power outlet in your reach in order for you to benefit from the additional GPU power.

Although this might be considered to be a letdown, think about 10 years back where you were stuck with your internal soldered GPU solution. The only choice was to fork out more money to have a more powerful GPU chip inside.

Nowadays you can scale the GPU power to your needs by connecting an eGPU solution to your mobile computer. and this is way less expensive compared to an internally soldered high-end graphics chip that also demands for special cooling solution and can negatively affect battery life time.

Sonnet’s eGPU box solution is currently only available to the U.S. but may advance to EMEA in the near future as well.

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