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Searing heat and no end of it…

The weather is merciless. For weeks the
temperature is always above 30 degrees
and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end
soon. But some refreshment would be good!

With the air conditioner running all the time in order to keep the temperature in a normal range (and thus make my sleep more comfortable), the weather is nothing for those who like more humane temperatures. With daylight temperatures at 32 degrees it’s really hot and you end up sweltering like hell. Even at night the temperature is not going below 20 degrees which means that cooling down your flat is almost impossible.

Other than that the forest fire danger is at a new level record (at least here in Switzerland). But also the USA have reported multiple forest fires to burn (especially California).

One can only hope some rain to come down soon and put this heat wave to a temporary end…

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