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Facebook and it’s Messenger

US government demands from Facebook to
get access to the Messanger database and
the chats that are being done over the app.
Messenger is said to be secure by now.

But will the Messenger still be secure to use if the US government forces the Messenger to be open accessible?

As by now, all chats are encrypted end2end thus preventing the chats being read or decripty by man-in-the-middle-attacks.

But with the demand from the U.S. government to make all chats accessible, the end2end exncryption may fall.

Will facebook grant access to Messenger or will they still keep the service online as now and thus keeping the U.S. government from sniffing your chats?

An incident occured when the court in Fresno demanded Facebook to allow spying on a criminal group active in California.

Yet Facebook refused to follow the order and thus is facing a lawsuit against them for disobeying a court order.

So let’s see how this will all end up…

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