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Thunderbird 60 released!

The powerful e-mail client Thunderbird from the Mozilla
Foundation has been released in the new version 60. Not
only has the engine undergone some major renewals, also
the look&feel now fits to Firefox 60+ (Photon design UI)

With this major step, Mozilla foundation has again unified the corporate identity design of their most popular software titles.

As Thunderbird is able to deal with quite a lot of e-mail services in the wide, the takedown of Thunderbird (i.e. the 32 vs 64-bit fight) would habe been a massive drawback for Mozilla. So the developers decided to continue the development on Thunderbird with major success!

And yes, if you browse to you will also find a 64-bit version for Windows if you desire to do so. The official download site only offers the 32-bit version for Windows to download. Only the Linux version is also offered as 64-bit download there.

So this is what Thunderbird 60 looks like when you launch it the first time:

Calendar view:

and To-Do view:

Interesting to see that the “About” screen still has the older logo:

The new logo as introduced with Thunderbird 60:

The screenshots are taken from the Portable 32-bit version which is still beta. But the screenshos may give you an idea what Thunderbird 60 looks like!

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