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Facebook and your bank account

Big data nowadays is a big issue when it comes to privacy.
Especially when you have to share sensitive data in order
to use particular services. Facebook seems to have gone
a step further and sent queries to U.S. banks.

AS it is said, Facebook has made queries about the customers’ bak accounts, their balance and balance history. This is in my opinion a severe breach into personal privacy. No company has the right to query my bank account balance and/or balance history without giving a proper reason for doing so.

I often thought, Facebook is a good service to keep up your social network but with the recent attempts to get ahold of someone’s private data, I just ask myself, are they going even further? And if so, what would they ask about you without you knowing?

What’s the intention for Facebook to grab so much data, even sensitive data? Are they going to build up a similar system like they do in china? Where your social network status is used to determine your business capacity (i.e. if you’re trusted to get a loan and the like?)

In my opinion this is oine step closer to close my facebook account as well! I do share my moments with friends, yes, I accept ads, yes but I do NOT accept collection of my private and senisitive data in the background for whatever reason! I still hope government and other political institutions bring up laws against this massive data collection!

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