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Firefox drops native RSS feed support

The developers team of the Mozilla Foundation have
decided to drop the RSS feed reader from Firefox.
According to some statistics they say that 99.9% of
all Firefox users wouldn’t use that feature anyway.

But what about those who use it extensively?

Luckily there are a handful of good addons for RSS in the Mozilla Addon repository. So if you are one of those who use RSS extensively, you might want to check out one of the various addons for Firefox.

If the main developers see RSS as a waste of time according to programming then there are a handful of other people who started to program an addon for RSS feeds.

Unfortunately the Mozilla Foundation makes a lot of bad decisions that render the browser less userfriendly. For example the Quantum Engine that disabled a lot of plugins I used for various tasks. Now I have to use either an older version of Firefox <57 or I have to use other ways to achieve the same thing I used to achieve with the help of an addon.

While improving speed and memory usage of Firefox is greatly appreciated, this should not affect usability in general. But this is exactly what happens when they change something essential such as the rendering engine. And to be honest… I can understand some developers to turn their back on Firefox when even subtle changes render their carefully crafted addon useless. I have 5 addons running in Firefox which are very useful. Should the Mozilla Foundation consider altering Firefox again so that these addons (that have no alternatives so far) stop working then I will consider using Firefox at all. Maybe it’s time to look out for alternative browsers that also support addons/plugins but do not change their engine that often.


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